Thursday, March 14, 2013

17,000 page views later.

I started 2 blogs over 2 years ago.

One blog was basically a fiction novel that I had written and published in Spanish. I wanted to see what internet could do for the promotion of the story of a vampire that goes to the shrink.

The other blog had to do with what I do as Director. It is in english and spanish and you are now reading the latest post in english.

Over 17,000 pageviews later I have learned some things about my blogs:

       1. They went beyond my expectations.

       2. People read a lot more in english than spanish (4 to 1), even spanish speaking  

       3. People in Canada love Vampires

       4. Every time a talk about a post on Facebook, the readership of the blog increases.

       5. The same is not true of Linkedin. 
            Maybe because they are a more serious lot and they don't take me seriously.

      6. People love soccer. 
          They keep coming back to every post that has to do with the sport.

     7. I don't get any comments in the blog. 
         So much for interactivity.

     8. I don't have a lot of followers, but I do seem to have a following.

     9. The blogs are read all over the world, including: Russia, Lebanon, Spain, Canada and

   10. It is a jealous endeavor. You cannot let a lot time pass between blogs

WIth the experiences I've had so far I have thought about things like:

1. Should I keep writing the blog?

     The ecosystem seems to be working in a small scale and I have not yet incorporated 

     But it is a lot of work because, with the exception of this post, I like to include graphic 
     material and a bit of cooking and wine. Lately I have not included a lot about the latter.

     But just to give you an idea; it takes me about 3 to 4 days to work on a post.

     It is great discipline as far as writing is concerned.  It keeps me on my feet and it is 

2. Should I keep writing the blog in spanish or should I concentrate on the one in english?

     I came to the conclusion that, although the readership in spanish is small it allows me to
     polish every post as I go between the english and the spanish. They enrich and clarify the
     writing (or so I think).

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