Saturday, June 16, 2012

A graphic legacy: Daniel Schwebel Part I

I met Daniel when I directed 3 Sprite TV commercials for him.
He was the Art Director in charge of the account at the agency.

I didn’t know at the time that we would become friends. 
And I didn’t realize he had so much talent. 

But I soon learned to appreciate both his friendship and his talent.

The creative legacy he has left should not go unnoticed and so, I have decided to dedicate this posts to share with you some of that talent.

I have arbitrarily chosen pieces I like. But I have to say that his body of work as a whole deserves praise, as it did, through the years and the awards.

The pieces I have chosen share one thing in common: 
a graphic style that in many cases deserves to be in a museum of contemporary art.

But that is only my opinion.

You be the judge:

I have divided the examples of Daniel's work into arbitrary categories, the first two are mechanical and Urban Oriented.

This is a series of prompts for the TV station, based on the use of mechanical contraptions.

In this series, the city (Mexico) was captured in a contemporary, documentary style. Informal, strong and fresh.
In this piece, the urban setting helps bring extreme sports into a more reachable reality.
The subway is part of the life of every major city, but the contemporary film style is what I like about this piece.
You have to live in a megalopolis to relate to this. Breathing.

This is only part of the body of work supervised by Daniel in his role as Image Director for Canal 11.

In our next posting we will feature other pieces that will show you the creative range that was so much admired.