Monday, February 11, 2013

My experience with the AF100. Part I. Why I Chose the AF 100

The Cannons D5 and D7 were the rage amongst young people because they had access to terrific looking images at a very low entry price. You could even do a feature for theatrical release due to the large image that you can get. 

And just so you see what I'm talking about, here is a chart that  Abel Cine put together for comparison of 35mm sensors

You can see that the Sensor on the AF100 gives you one of  the smallest images.

So why did I choose it over the D5 and D7?

I think that before you choose a camera, either to buy or to rent, you have to determine what you want it for. Basically, what is going to be the ultimate output.

in my case, I was looking for a camera that would let me do great images for TV and Internet, not features for theatrical release. So I did not need that big an image, all I needed was 1080.

I wanted to have a camera that could run at different speeds and could use different lenses.

oh! and also could record sync sound. And that was the clincher, sync sound. 
It would save me a step in post production, big time.

The AF100 can run at 24fps, 30fps and up to 60fps  at 1080.

It record sync sound and the cards last you for more than an hour of recording time.

The price was competitive and I already had some Nikon lenses that I could use. 

So I bought the camera. 

And I don't regret it.

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