Friday, April 26, 2013

"Cosmetic Reality" 2. The Koleston challenge. Commitment.

This is a series. A series of key moments throughout the Koleston Challenge.
This is the moment when the celebrity (Yuri) has to publicly commit to the Koleston challenge,which is what the whole series is about:

We are always shooting with 2 cameras simultaneously, so we can have more material to enrich the edit and make it more dynamic. Given the time allotted for the shoot.

I highly recommend  the new TV Logic monitor. The value for money makes it really enticing. The display is incredible and the focus aid is terrific.People don't always like to see themselves on video. However, professionals actually can make a great contribution when they know what they should look like, specially celebrities.

It's a bit tricky to direct a celebrity. Like, how do you tell her how to be herself. 
Without looking stupid that is. 

I adore chaos. It's soothing.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Cosmetic Reality". The Koleston challenge. Beginning.

We recently worked on a branded content for P&G.

Was it a promo or is it content?

I think it's was promo treated like content...

Something I would like to call "cosmetic reality".

Using a very popular  Mexican celebrity (Yuri) they created the Koleston challenge, which basically consisted of a 40-day test of their coloring.

Working with a celebrity is always a challenge in itself.
Typically a celebrity will give you anywhere from 2 to 6 hours for a shoot. And that includes hair, make up and wardrobe. 

You have to be prepared to work fast and foresee the celebrity's eccentricities.  They do have them.

In this case, the challenge was going to be long term as we had to follow the progress of the challenge through time.

We used the AF100 with 35mm lens with a very specific look in mind. Images that would be rich in color, with violet tones dominating.

80% of the content was to be shot on location so the art direction became critical in dressing up the locations to achieve that "cosmetic reality" . With violet and purple as dominating elements.

The first stage was very didactical setting up the challenge and the way the product had to be used. As you can tell from the client and agency reactions we were off to a good start.

It was only the beginning of a series that would continue through the course of several weeks.