Monday, August 30, 2010

A mirror trick.

Have you you ever tried doing anything through a mirror?

 Leonardo did. All the time.

But, let's face it, I'm no Leonardo

What I am though, is very careful in the preparation of my shoots. 

So I prepare my brain to work backwards so to speak. 

Specially when everything is going to be where you least expect it

And you build mock-ups on your desk and your computer.

Pre-light is essential. You need as much preparation as you can get.

And you go through the choreography that you have rehearsed in your head.

Adding to the mix a personality, who happens to be also the client because the spot is for his fragrance.

Rafa Márquez a star on and off the pitch

From the first moment we worked together I realized he gets totally involved  and wants to understand  what we are doing.

And then you just have fun. 

I'm writing this post during the summer in NY. And I discovered a great cold soup for the hot weather. It's called "salmorejo" and it's a rich version of the most popular gazpacho.
Salmorejo basically has a lot more olive oil and it's done in the blender whih is how you achieve the creamy texture.
6 to 8 pear tomatoes, half garlic, half a green pepper, some drops of vinegar, salt to your taste and at least half a cup of good olive oil.
Put it all in the blender and then store in the fridge.

The wine: This one is from France. A white Vouvray. A real fresh summer wine. 

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