Friday, April 26, 2013

"Cosmetic Reality" 2. The Koleston challenge. Commitment.

This is a series. A series of key moments throughout the Koleston Challenge.
This is the moment when the celebrity (Yuri) has to publicly commit to the Koleston challenge,which is what the whole series is about:

We are always shooting with 2 cameras simultaneously, so we can have more material to enrich the edit and make it more dynamic. Given the time allotted for the shoot.

I highly recommend  the new TV Logic monitor. The value for money makes it really enticing. The display is incredible and the focus aid is terrific.People don't always like to see themselves on video. However, professionals actually can make a great contribution when they know what they should look like, specially celebrities.

It's a bit tricky to direct a celebrity. Like, how do you tell her how to be herself. 
Without looking stupid that is. 

I adore chaos. It's soothing.

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